About Airlab

Founded in 2017

Airlab is owned by the founders of the Ubisoft group.

The Airlab team is composed of worldwide specialists in Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge technologies with many years of experience in developing Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications. Airlab management also includes experts in mobile apps development.

The Airlab team

Passionate researchers and developers.

As passionate researchers and developers, we keep pushing forward our knowledge in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. As such, we constantly train and adapt ourselves to emerging Technologies.

Deploying AI techniques

Advertising, User Acquisition, Automated QA and Automated Customer Care.

Airlab is currently deploying AI techniques in areas such as Advertising, User Acquisition, Automated QA and Automated Customer Care, in order to provide Mobile apps developers with powerful tools to boost their business.


Michel Guillemot, Founder and CEO.

Passionate about programming, Michel Guillemot cofounded Ubisoft in 1986, 3rd worldwide video game publisher. He sits on the Board of Directors as Executive Vice President of Development Strategy and Finance. He brings to the Board 30 years of experience in the videogame industry. With his entrepreneurial skills and his deep knowledge of the mobile industry, Michel acts as a reference for the Board to discuss the industry’s present and future.

Michel Guillemot is also the founder and former CEO of Gameloft, a leading mobile game publisher. Under his management as CEO from 2001 to 2016, Gameloft saw extensive growth and became one of the biggest mobile developers in the world.

They trust us

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