The ad mediation platform powered by Artificial Intelligence

We bring the value of user data back to publishers

Ad revenue
Dynamic optimization

Data analysis
Performance driven

User Acquisition
Audience segmentation

Dynamic optimization of your ad revenue

For every ad request, at the user level

We dynamically select the most profitable demand, optimize fill rate and response time

100% Unbiased

We work for your interests only

Directly access the best demand

Ad networks, DSPs and ad exchange are all competing for your inventory

Stay in control

Let the autopilot do the hard job for you or set priority rules to manage your direct deals

Worldwide monetization

We optimize every single country for maximum revenue and fill rate

Data and performance driven

A.I. optimization technology

Advanced machine learning algorithms and predictive modelling analysing in real time billions of data points

Advertisers focus on users, so does X-Mediate

We make sure every user is served with the most appropriate ad that generates the highest revenue

Powerful analytics
Revenue per user and adLTV metrics: Identify and segment your most profitable users.
Brand review: Monitor the brands advertising in your apps

Maximize your user acquisition

We provide you with the tools to acquire profitable new users and scale your business

Maximize your user acquizition

We provide you with the tools to acquire profitable new users and scale your business

Unified dashboard

Access all sources of information: ad revenue, app performance, detailed reporting and exportable data.

Understand every decision taken by our algorithm at the app, format and country level.

Let the autopilot automatically optimize your revenue or take control and create priority rules to manage your direct deals.

Monitor the top brands and apps advertising in your apps and learn how your users interact with them.

Network partners

Ad format and framework supported.

We develop Smart ad caching features for Enhanced user experience and we are COPPA & GDPR compliant.


  • Banner
  • Full screen
  • Video
  • Native

Complete Solution

Save time and resources

  • Simple integration with all networks bundled in 1 SDK, no more endless QA
  • Dedicated and responsive customer support

Optimize your ad revenue with AI

  • Dynamic ad revenue optimization, adLTV, ad revenue per user
  • Stay in control

Transparent and detailed dashboard​

  • Detailed metrics to understand each decision taken by the auto pilot QA
  • Brand review to monitor the brands advertising in your apps

Timely Payments

  • We aggregate your earnings from all demand sources. You receive 1 payment with flexible terms. Easy!

They trust us

Take your apps to the next level with Artificial Intelligence

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